Joywave Talk Why They Want To Collab With Kendrick Lamar

 I don’t think genres are real. There’s just good music and bad music. I think the new Kendrick record kind of like proves that, it’s all over the place and awesome, there’s crazy funk stuff and more traditional hip hop stuff.

The five-piece band, Joywave, from Rochester, New York are more than up-and-coming. These boys who “don’t believe in genres” produce what would be called alternative rock music and just recently released their latest album titled How Do You Feel Now? They have opened for Brandon Flowers, played on Jimmey Kimmel Live and Late Night With Seth Myers. Oh and they also have Bambi and Fantasia samples on their new album, because their record label is owned by Disney.

IX Daily got a chance to chat with them before their show in Toronto at the Phoenix Concert Center.

Check out the IXclusive interview below: 


IX Daily: Taking it from the top, how did you guys all get together in the first place?

Joseph (guitar): We actually all went to high school together.

Ben (keyboard): Except for me.

Joesph: Except for Ben, he actually went to a rival high school. It was an eveil high school. We’ve since taken him in and converted him into our ways.

Sean (bass): Yeah in school we all did the band thing. I remember various imprints before there was Joywave.


IX Daily: I understandyou guys all have different backgrounds in music, electronic and rock but not country. So when you guys come together is there a mutual understanding of what music you want to make?

Joseph: Usually I’ll get a phone call from Dan and Sean and they’ll be at the studio and they’ll say ‘hey we wrote a song come learn how to play it’ and I’ll come down there and we’ll play it and we’ll all learn our parts and go from there.


IX Daily: The new album How Do You Feel Now is a follow up from the EP How Do You Feel, what’s on this album that was not on the EP?

Sean: How Do You Feel was kind of just the first batch of songs we finished when we made the record, we kind of just wanted to get something out so people could hear what was happening as opposed to going silent for a year. The four arbritrary picks and the full length How Do You Feel Now? kind of ties together those different worlds that were around the How Do You Feel EP.


IX Daily: ‘Somebody New’ is your guys biggest track right now with the Tony Hawk inspired video, what inspired this song?

Daniel (vocalist): The song kind of came out of a…

Paul (drums): …from a dream.

Daniel: Yeah yeah.

Paul: And in his dream Skrillex was playing this ‘womp womp womp’. Dan woke up played it on his base and said ‘wait this isn’t crazy it sounds kind of cool.’

Ben: We’re all very in tune with Dan’s dreams for the most part.

Daniel: They all witnessed the dream the same night I believe.

IX Daily: You guys have Fantasia and Bambii samples on your new album, where did that come about?

Daniel: When we signed to our label, it’s actually owned by Disney and there were two deciding factors. The first one was—every label we talked to was ‘we’ll figure out what producers we wanna put you guys with and blah blah’ and the label we ended up signing with said ‘who do you want to make the record’ and we said us. So they let us build the studio with our budget and make the record ourselves which was very exciting. But also owning Disney we were like ‘maybe they would let us sample the Disney catalogue’ which no one has ever been able to do and they did let us do it. It was really exciting, it’s apart of everyone’s childhood and the record is really about the post-college 20-somethings where you’re raised to believe that you go to school and come out on the other end with a job and start life. That really hasn’t been the case for our generation. Sean got a job for a minute and killed it.

Sean: It was just a desk job. I had a room with a view it was the good life.

Daniel: But no one else was able to get a job outside an hourly retail job. So the record is dealing with that and everything you’re taught as a kid versus reality of your 20’s.


IX Daily: What would Joywave’s mood or activity be on Songza?

Paul: Finding WIFI.

Sean: Being indoors.


IX Daily: You guys are known for wanting to collab with Kendrick Lamar. With opposite genres of music how do you guys think you could come together?

Daniel: I don’t think genres are real. There’s just good music and bad music. I think the new Kendrick record kind of like proves that, it’s all over the place and awesome, there’s crazy funk stuff and more traditional hip hop stuff. So I don’t know I mean, the last track on our record ‘Bad Dreams’ I don’t think that’s opposite at all, we had a version with Mick Jenkins and Little Simz on it and it was awesome. I think it’s the kind of thing where you get people together and see what vibes and what everyone’s feeling.

Sean: I think the spirit of how the musical bed in hip-hop is created is similar to how we kind of approach the musical bed in our realm. I don’t think it’s far fetched to think it would work.



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