We Finally Got in Touch with the Girl Behind That Awful Jason Derulo Cover Video

If you’re on our fan page tip, you’ve probably come across what has been deemed as Quebec’s very own Rebecca Black who shot a music video for her own rendition of Jason Derulo’s “Other Side”. If you haven’t watched it, click here. The video has now racked up to 2,823,372 Views and still going. 

The thing is, we receive all types of submissions, usually through the form really bad music, fashion and videos. One of our editors happened to have caught this one by chance and decided to upload it to our fan page without expecting anything from it. What happened was nothing short of surprising. Not knowing who this person was, or who was behind this music video, we decided to look online and wait for some answers to come up. Little did we know, the girl who sings in the video (Octavie) had disabled her Facebook when she found out until she could assess the situation and move forward with a plan, since she knew she had gone viral. 

After a couple of days, we received a private message from her stating that she has come out of the shadows and thanked us for pushing her really really bad music video. She had radio stations and newspapers all across Quebec contacting her to talk about it, so we decided to catch up with her to ask a couple of questions in this IXclusive interview.  

IX: How old are you? Do you study? Where do you work?
Octavie: I’m 21 years old. I am not a student at the moment, but I work for Savini, the restaurant featured in the music video. 
IX: How did you find out that your music video went viral? 
Octavie : I found out it went viral when I saw it on my facebook ! It was not supposed to be on the internet because I knew it was bad. So when my friends start to text me saying that they saw my video I knew it was too late, and that it became viral. 
IX: What was the reaction of your other friends who are in the video? 
Octavie : They didn’t say anything ! They were supporting me instead. The main guy in the video also came with me to the interview for Radio x to clear things up. 
IX: Who came up with the concept of the video? 
Octavie : I came up with that concept with the help of my friends who were making the video. All I can say is that it wasn’t supposed to be as bad as it turned out to be. I don’t know what my friends did with the editing, but it all came out so wrong. 
IX: Did you know it was bad when you watched it? Did the video team know it was bad too?
Octavie : Yes i knew it was bad when i first saw it that’s why i didn’t want it to be on the internet. The first time I watched it was after it was already uploaded to Youtube, which is probably how someone got their hands on it. 
IX: What is your least favourite part of this music video?
Octavie : Hahaha all of it i guess ! it is so bad! 
IX: You’ve done a couple of radio interviews. How does it feel to be called the Rebecca Black of Quebec? 
Octavie : I laughed ! You know people are what they are ! I don’t care if they are mean ! I have 2 million views on this video and that’s awesome in itself. All of this has given me an incredible visibility despite the negative comments. 
IX: Did you always want to make music ? 
Octavie :Yes I did and I will always do ! 
IX: Can we expect more music (and videos) from Octavie? 
Octavie : Of course I will ! There will be more soon. Stay tuned! 
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