#AntsInNYC: Check Out These Tiny-Ass Paintings for Ants

Let me get this out here – I hate ants. I hate them indoors of course: in my food, on my walls, carrying their brethren’s corpses out of my back door. I also hate them outdoors – just think of those zillions of ants piled up upon each other attempting escape from their homes on a hot summer day. It’s gross, it makes me cringe. Sure, they’ve done nothing to me. They’re still disgusting.

No ants to see here!

What don’t I hate? Art. Especially tiny-ass artworks, such as these tiny treats fit for a mouse. That’s adorable. And it’s art. Imagine the time and effort, and patience – especially patience – it took to put them together. I’d go mad. The same goes for paintings. I’d go even more mad. I can barely do watercolors on a large-scale canvas. Imagine creating masterpieces for ant eyes. Now that is something to pay close attention to.

Tiny Art by Loots

Cue in Lorraine Loots. The South-African artist has mastered the virtue of patience, and believes ants deserve to admire art as well as their fellow human beings. Back in 2013, she began a 365-day project. This involved painting a miniature piece every day with a new theme. Of course, you can watch a timelaspe of that immense skill below. 

365 Paintings for Ants with Lorraine Loots from Gareth Pon on Vimeo.

Fast-forward to New York. From July 8 to 15, you can witness with your own eyes the beauty and intricacy that is Loots‘ tiny chef d’oeuvres. Magnifying glass not included. Whether you’re in NYC for the week or so happen to live there (!), be sure to drop by Three Kings Studio between 12 and 7PM to see 730 different (tiny) pieces. If you didn’t know beforehand, Loots‘ original pieces from 2013-14 have already sold out. Yes. All of them. Oh, and you can watch her paint the tiniest hotdog ever below (she uses her finger nails as a pallet). 

If that doesn’t intrigue you enough, I don’t know what will.

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Header image by Curated Stampede Design. Miniature art collage by This Is Colossal.

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