For Those Sleeping: Bobby Raps & Corbin – Couch Potato EP

Bobby Raps & Corbin

hello fuck heads
here is an ep we made
we might be gay

If you slept on this stupid dope album, here you go. After releasing a few haunting heaters like “Ready” and “Motionless”, Minnesota duo Bobby Raps & Corbin (previously Spooky Black) bring us the Couch Potato EP. At first glance, these two appear to not give a fuck. Album title included. But despite the ridiculous album photos, announcement tweet and low budget video, the music tells us something very different.

Initially dropping as a surprise, this one half of TheStand4rd is the first project from both artists since last years self titled album. Here, Bobby Raps produced the entire mind blowing production of ethereal and progressive instrumentals. Corbin’s signature raw and raspy but angelic voice is complimented by Bobby Raps’ fierce, passionate and buttery rhymes, with both artists spewing their emotions on full blast. This creates a unique contrast between the two artists going back and forth, with heart on the sleeve vocals and lyrics. It’s easy to get lost and feel a real connection to their heartbreak, thoughts on death and existential crisis. For such a stupid looking album cover – there’s some dark heavy shit in here. At only seventeen, it’ll be exciting to watch Corbin’s next moves. These guys can only go up from here.

Cop the album for free on their bandcamp. And those in New York and Minneapolis, you can catch them performing next month.

Bobby Raps


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Written by philreg

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