Rant: Kendall and Kylie’s New Line at TopShop Was Dissapointing

As a huge fan of TopShop I was severely unimpressed with their new collection created by Kylie and Kendall. Don’t get me wrong I adore Kendall and Kylie, but personally not one piece of clothing was worth taking home. As a fashionista I particularly love to see what the visual merchandiser has chosen to put up on the mannequins, especially if I’m at TopShop. However, not one outfit screamed “buy me!” You would think that with Kylie and Kendall’s unique style and knowledge of fashion they would have offered a collection that was different and eye-catching . Nevertheless, their collection was not TopShop worthy. 

This big European brand is relatively new to North America. Regardless of this fact, it’s quite popular among the people.  I’m not sure if the brand’s intention was to break away from their European aesthetic by introducing a collection that conceptualizes living the California dream.  They’re certainly people who would love to dress like Kendall and Kylie and it’s understandable if Europeans desire to look like people from LA.  However, consumers in North America long for the aesthetic Europeans have.  We long to look like European royalty Kate Middleton or Emma Watson.

Personally, I think that TopShop is a company that provides clothing that is trend setting, where as Kylie and Kendall’s collection was very trendy. The collection consisted many pieces that had prints and patterns, which is something that you see more often during the summer, but not something particularly in style right now. I feel like more and more we are starting to prefer a very plain and simple aesthetic. The collection had some nice pieces, but for the most part it was all clothing that I’d seen before.  I think the collection would have been more suited for Forever 21 or H&M.  Of course, with their fan base I’m sure the line will sell, but not as much then the Kate Moss collections TopShop had in the past. 

There is no doubt that world loves the Kardashians.  Kylie and Kendall will continue to inspire fashionista’s everywhere with their style, but not with this collection. The collection was rather dull, a quality the Kardashians don’t seem to posses. The collection lacked drama. Their was nothing distinctive or dynamic about the clothing.  Thus, leaving the TopShop fanatic and inner fashionista in me very disappointed. 


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Written by mursal

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