VBND Delicately Produces “Easier With Time” Ep

You may recall VBND via our feature of Exhume Music’s About You Pt.2 Compilation and his Tell Me Why track. This time around VBND (Exhume Music), a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan native delicately produces easier with time, a five track mini Ep available for download here. 

VBND starts the Ep off with an upbeat danceable rock the boat flip, which includes his signature twist, a synthed out drop, snare kicks and sudden pauses. Keeping the pace upbeat, honoured by your company is a smooth progression from a minimal bass kick to a complex finish adding synth elements, soul claps and well placed vocal snips. From here VBND slows it down for will u stay the night? which includes an emotional Ciara drowned out ballad, synth plucks, piano chords and a deep bass lines. 

Now for one of the favourites off the Ep, VBND constructs a perfectly orchestrated piece with they said it gets easier with time, right? (where the title of the Ep derived from). In this track VBND once again shows his confidence, from beginning to end he delivers a boundary pushing piece. From a chill keyboard intro which builds into an instrumental break down, infusing a wide array of new sounds from synths counteracting with the hi hat frequencies, vocal samples and snare kicks, this track is one that will be on repeat. Check it below. 

Rounding out the Ep VBND adds his finishing touch with there’s nothing i won’t do (t s m l w y), a laid back outro including Ciara’s vocals, a simple bassline, piano and a keyboard which VBND simulate’s into a plucky electric piano, supplying a smooth funky finish. Stream the entire easier with time Ep below.  


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Written by adam

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