Girls: 5 Summer Trends We Can’t Seem To Miss

Summer is officially here, and the hot and humid days are before us. I’m not particularly a fan of summer clothing, but I’m loving the trends I’m noticing this year. So if you’re like me and you don’t own a lot of summer clothing, here are five trends you can’t seem to miss :

Rompers/ Jumpsuits

Ladies, this summer you just might be able to get away with not shaving your legs if you choose to wear a long romper or jumpsuit.  Rompers and Jumpsuits range from casual to dressy. For the most part they are super comfortable getting the right fit is key. They’re also perfect for someone who is extremely lazy or in a rush. You just slide them right on grab a pair of shoes and you’re out the door. So keep your harem pants in your closet and grab a romper or jumpsuit and go out enjoy the beautiful weather before it’s to late. If you’re in need to find one I would recommend H&M is you’re looking for casual and inexpensive. I would suggest Lulu’s if you’re looking for a romper or jumpsuit for a night out.

Gladiator Sandals

It’s been four years ago since I’ve worn my gladiator sandals.  They’ve just been sitting in my closet and it’s finally time to take them out. Not only are they in style they’re perfect to pair with a romper. However, you might want to invest in a pedicure if you’re going to wear them. There’s nothing more tackier than unkempt nails. I know shoes are expensive but Steve Madden is one of my favourite brands for sandals and their not too expensive.

Denim on Denim

Remember when you saw somebody wearing jean on jean and thought to yourself, “Dude what are you wearing?” I think most people think this because they don’t know how to rock jean on jean. Well, fret not my friends Teen Vogue released an article on 7 Ways to Wear Denim on Denim. We all own some denim, so if you got nothing left to wear grab your denim top and jeans. Trust me it looks absolutely fantastic and it’s one of my favourite looks this summer. 

Plain and Simple Tops

It’s true what they say, “More is less,” During the summer we definitely see more florals, prints, and patterns but a lot less this summer. I’m noticing more plain and simple tops on everybody. Tops that are just one colour, rather than a mixture of colours.  In particularly white, black, and grey. I think plain and simple tops are essential wardrobe items because they’re timeless. You can use them in every season and pair them with almost anything. 

Boyfriend Jeans paired with Converse

Boyfriend jeans have become quite popular this past year almost as popular as the skinny jean. In addition, Converse Chuck Taylor‘s are becoming a classic item that can be worn with many different outfits.  I own a pair of boyfriend jeans but I’ve heard the Gap has a great selection of them. The boyfriend jeans and converse combination is another trend I’ve noticed that’s usually paired with a plain top.  A simple but stylish outfit.

What’s your favourite trend this summer? Tweet us and let us know. 

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Written by mursal

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