Case Ultra Release New “Merchants of Chaos 2” Tee

Case Ultra released its new t-shirt and magazine. This latest issue focuses on the idea of “Merchant of Chaos” a name given to individuals who profit from the environment being made as threatening as possible.

Case Ultra, a t-shirt subscription company based in New York released its latest t-shirt design from its “Quiet Wars” series. This issue is called the “Merchant of Chaos”. Along with the company’s latest t-shirt design is a magazine that tells a fictional story about the “Merchant of Chaos”. They deal in confusion and upset and their daily bread is made by creating chaos because if chaos were lessened then so would their incomes.

These people known as the “Merchant of Chaos” are people who want an environment to look very disturbing. They manufacture problems and then offer the solution of which they make a great deal of profit. A good and obvious example can be seen in newspapers. There are no good news stories and newspapermen shove a bad environment in people’s faces everyday showing that the environment is dangerous and threatening. Newspapers have a knack for reporting the most threatening of news and sensationalize it thus making it worse than it actually is. This is the merchant of chaos. They gain a lot of advantage and income by making the environment threatening. Where the merchants of chaos reign, yearning for good news is foolhardy.

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