Tulpa & Mr.MPH debut the ethereal “Hide”

Tulpa, the 16 year old prodigy from Pittsburgh joins forces with Chicago’s Mr.MPH for Hide. This beautifully composed collaboration is the first release from their upcoming Wish You Well EP. Although a producer and singer, this is the first time that Mr.MPH has only done vocals. His soft emotive voice flows gracefully along with Tulpa’s tender ambient landscape of piano keys and beats. Despite the playful artwork, it feels like there’s a sense of loss, and maybe slowly coming to terms with it. I asked Tulpa a few things about the the forthcoming Wish You Well EP. Here’s what he had to say.

Tulpa & Mr.MPH Hide Artwork

How did you two hook up and what made you decide on working together?

I’ve known about Mr.MPH ever since I saw his mix for alaya a couple months back. I never knew he sang, but occasionally after we linked up he’d show me private songs with his vocals on them. In the back of my mind I knew we’d end up making something together, so a few months ago I came to him with the idea of singing on some tracks.

Was there any hesitation to put out a proper EP instead of just the one track?

Well Hide is a single before the EP we’re going to put out. It was originally part of the album, but we both wanted to show the world what we were making in the kitchen before we put out a much more serious project. I myself didn’t have any hesitation about putting out the song, I feel like it’s one of my favorite tracks thus far.

You two have a similar sound. Will there be any surprises on the final release?

In the final release, there will be a lot more guitar compositions as compared to my usual piano work. One of the tracks is rather fast paced and upbeat yet very dark – the whole EP is filled with very esoteric sounds.

Got a rough date for the EP drop?

We have absolutely no idea when the EP will drop. The productions are finished at the current moment though.

Anything you’d like to add?

Nope, but thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about the new art I’ve got going on!

Be on the lookout for Wish You Well in the sometime future. In the meantime, cop a free download of Hide from alaya.


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