The New Versace Line Will Cast A Spell On You

While we’re enjoying summer,  our favourite fashion brands are busy getting ready for fall 2015.  Paris Couture week has started and Atelier Versace is the first to show their fall 2015 couture collection. With super models Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the first row this show was definitely something to be anticipated. The show featured many famous models including Lara Stone, Karlie Kloss, and Kendall Jenner.  For somebody who is a fan of fairy tales I felt like this collection had a very fairy tale aspect to them.  

The dresses were not the typical fairy tale themed ball gowns, we see Cinderella and Belle wearing.  These dresses represent a new kind of princess. A princess who isn’t waiting for a man to save them. A princess who doesn’t care about what other people think and is not afraid to show some skin. A fierce and fearless princess in Versace. This princess doesn’t need a man for a happily ever after. She’s a independent and successful woman and that is exactly what I saw when reviewing Versace’s fall collection.


Reviewing the show not only did I see many aspects of fairytales I saw aspects of my life. Not only did I see these girl power princesses I saw dresses that represented the villains. These gorgeous black dresses had many slits and a whole bunch of sass. I’m not saying that princesses can’t wear black or be sassy. What I mean is that it just reminds me of the people in this world that make life more harder for us.  The people who prevent princesses from reaching their goals, because of their own selfish reasons. 

Overall, this idea of a independent princess came to because  of not only the collection but how the show was designed. The stage was covered in thousands of orchids. Many of the looks included a flower crown along with floral inspired dresses. It reminded me of how I’ve always tried not to be that girl whose waiting for her prince.  As girls, we shouldn’t dress to get the attention of a guy, we should dress for success. That’s what I think Versace represents not dressing for somebody else, but choosing to look your best because you know you’re worth it. It’s about looking sexy in that black dress, because you defeated your villains and are that much closer to accomplishing your goals.

                                                                                    Work it Girl!

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Written by mursal

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