5 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets for your home

Over the course of the last decade, interior design trends have changed the way in which the typical home is perceived. This is particularly true with regards to the kitchen, which has become a multipurpose space designed for tasks other than the preparation and distribution of food. As a result of this, there are now a huge number of gadgets available for the modern kitchen space, some of which are extremely unusual both in terms of purpose and primary design.

So, here are five of the most unusual (and ultimately functional) kitchen gadgets on the existing market: –

The Chef Sleeve for iPad

In fundamental terms, the primary purpose of any kitchen remains the preparation and distribution of food. Obviously the combination of mobile technology and food produce is not a productive one; however, despite the fact that many aspiring chefs now use tablets or smartphones to review recipes. Given the damage that ingredients and sauces can have on iPad and iPhone screens, this well-designed chef sleeve provides an ideal barrier that prevents any potentially costly spillages.

The Bialetti Pasta Pot

This dual-purpose gadget achieves the primary goal of all innovations, as it is simplistic and ultimately cost-effective for users. It essentially negates the need for a colander when making or preparing pasta, as the lid’s built-in strainer is equipped to quickly and efficiently drain liquids while leaving you with one less item to wash when you are done!

A Spatula Engraved With Team Name

If you are a passionate sports fan, you will love this innovative gadget. It is a spatula that also doubles as a compact bottle opener, which means that it is extremely useful during parties or when entertaining. Another unique feature is that the recipient’s favourite sports team name can be engraved on the handle, alongside a full fabrication of the logo. It also durable and made from stainless steel, although those with a desire to sell house quick should remember to remove it during viewings for fear of upsetting potential buyers with rival affiliations.



Chef Salt

Whether it is used to season food during preparation or embellish readymade meals, salt is a key component of any kitchen. There is now considerable diversity in the salt market, however, meaning that home-owners have huge choice when selecting condiments to suit specific meals. This gadget comes equipped with a selection of artisan salts that have been blended with exotic herbs and spices, including 7Salt and the explosive sounding Tunisian Fire.

The Shark Bite Oven Mitt

On a final, lighter note, no modern kitchen would be complete without a shark bike oven mitt. This is a must have gadget for any home-owners with a keen sense of fun or adventure, while its playful design helps to infuse some personality into your living space. Parents with children should also consider this purchase, as it will engage kids and help to engage them with the process of cooking and preparing food.


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