Australian Act VIGILANTES Release Cameo Peppered Video for ‘Elasticity’

The debut video for Australian act VIGILANTES takes us through a night of kuffufles, mischief and causing a ruckus, while loving every minute of it. The single “Elasticity” is a perfect mish-mash of slow, yet adrenaline-inducing dreamy vibes. Dave Jenkins Jr, the VIGILANTES guitarist describes it best: 

“We literally rode around the city and shot scenes as we saw them. Some of the riding scenes were shot out of the boot of my car, while the more involved scenes (like the food court sequence) had to be filmed before security figured out what we were doing and kicked us out”.

Directed by Joseph Timbs and conceptualized by VIGILANTES, the music video was shot over 3 nights around Redfern, Surry Hills & the Sydney CBD. The band members star as the main characters, while friends and unwitting strangers helped out as extras.


Listen to a previous track right here:  


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Written by ixstaff

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