Gabe Nandez Drops an 8-track EP Titled SIFU Fully Produced by No Kliche

Underground Montreal rapper Gabe Nandez has just dropped his full-blown EP Sifu which we’ve teased with the music video not too long ago

A follow up to H.T. which came out late in 2014, Sifu shows Gabe really honing down his sound, with intricate rhyme schemes, subtle wordplay, and a flow that gives Montrealers something to be proud of. The gritty, slumbering production is classic No Kliché, as they weave plucking instruments, smooth synths, and crisp percussion leaving plenty of space for Gabe to operate. It all comes as a breath of fresh air in a world where beats are flashy, punch lines are everywhere, and content comes second to dance-ability. 


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Written by nyounes

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