Clothing Brands That Still Disgust Me in 2015

The whole point of life is to move forward, but instead it seems like we’re taking ten steps back.  They are some clothing brands that many adore but are not aware about the message that brand is releasing into the world how that impacts society. Certain brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and American Apparel have been caught not only for racism but, discrimination, the objectification of women and fat shaming.  Another popular brand called Brandy Melville, is known for only offering one size and seems like the majority of their clothing is directed to young caucasian girls. All these brands have been caught for these actions, yet they continue to do what whatever they want. 

1) Abercombie and Fitch Just Don’t Care

I have never walked into a Abercombie and Fitch before. However, recently my friend wanted to buy something from them so I went in and I realized why the clothing store was really popular. The clothing is really nice. However, almost everybody was Caucasian. Almost all the ads I saw in the store were of mostly white people. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the store.

Just recently I heard about a Muslim fashion blogger named Samantha Elauf  who sued the company for discrimination. Apparently, they didn’t hire her because of their no cap policy and their “East Collegiate image.” However, she had a friend that worked at the store who told her it was in fact because of her headscarf. She won the case and Abercombie is now enforcing a new policy where they are flexible with what their workers where and attractiveness is no longer a factor when hiring.

Except I don’t think they have enforced this policy

If you take a look at Abercombie and Fitch’s Instagram 90% of their photos are of Caucasian people. You will see a couple of photos of people from different races, but not many.  Just walk into any Abercombie and Fitch and you’ll notice it’s still not a very diverse community. I think because the brand has such a caucasian following for such a long time they continue to advertise clothing for that particular market, and it’s upsetting because they have nice clothing. You never see Muslim fashion bloggers featured on many clothing brands Instagram’s or on their site and it’s a shame. It’s a shame they don’t even get noticed because of racism and discrimination.  

2) American Apparel Just Doesn’t Give a Shit


The American Apparel ads are disgusting.  I’m glad their ads are banned because they  are appalling.  This is a Bengali American employee of American Apparel who decided to shoot this ad.  I don’t understand why American Apparel does ads like this, because the whole point of advertising is to attract more people to your brand. However, ads like this make people like me furious. Forget about the fact that this ad may be offensive to Muslims, this ad is offensive to women.  

It’s frustrating when we’re constantly seeing the objectification of women in the media, when women are trying to be taken seriously. Women worked so hard to be considered intelligent and successful and yet yet they advertise women as if their like a piece of meat. American Apparel gives off the impression that all women are good for is posing in our swimsuit and showing off that “ass” for the world. The whole point of life is to be beautiful and successful for yourself not for pleasing others. Their ads aren’t just racy they are demeaning towards women, and are over sexualizing young models.

3) You’re Not Fooling Me Brandy Melville


But does it really?

I’m really disappointed in Brandy Melville because as a fashion blogger I really do love their clothing. All my friends shop at Brandy Melville and I see so many fashion bloggers wearing clothing from the store. However,I have not walked into a Brand Melville once.  I’m not okay with the fact the clothing from the store only comes in one size. The media and the fashion and beauty industry already pressure us to be thin, and now because we may not be as thin as society likes us, our size isn’t offered? That’s ridiculous. It’s an Italian brand yet the clothing seems to be majorly directed towards ultra skinny blonde haired white girls. You would have to scroll down for quite awhile to find somebody of a different race on Brandy Melville’s instagram. 

Well guess what? 

Even if these clothing brands have nice clothing, I’m not okay with how they treat their workers and their customers. I’m not okay with the negative messages they are sending out to the world. I’m certainly not paying those ridiculous prices. I know where to find good quality clothing for good prices and it’s not at Abercombie and Fitch, it’s not at American Apparel, and it’s not at Brandy Melville.  Considering I’m not a skinny white girl I’m probably not even welcome into those stores. I don’t care if these brand are popular or if I absolutely love something from their store,  I have morals and I refuse to shop at these stores.


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Written by mursal

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