These Photos Are About Empowering Women Yet I Still Feel Powerless

I recently did a post about what it takes to be truly beautiful. Just a couple of days ago I discovered this photo series by a photographer named Carey Fruth. The photo series was inspired by a scene from the 1999 movie called American beauty. The purpose of this photo series is to to redefine society’s views on beauty and to promote realistic beauty. The photo series showcases fourteen women of different ages, races, and weight. They’re all lying on a bed of lilac petals naked with their private parts covered up by flower petals.

The scene this photo series is inspired by is the scene where a man is having a sexual dream about a young blonde white woman.

Thus, portraying her as sex toy men play with.

In the photo series Carey Fruth wanted the women to pose in any way they felt most comfortable in. She wanted her models to pose in a way that was sexy to them. She wanted to show them that they can be  confident and beautiful women whenever they want, and not just when they are trying to impress a man.

Ironic enough I discovered this photo series because Nicki Minaj shared an article about this photo series on her Facebook page.  Nicki Minaj has a repartee for promoting the idea of women as objects. I don’t think Anaconda has millions of views just because of how catchy the song is. 

I think Carey Fruth was trying to strive a way from the beauty that so many of us crave and the beauty that society is always talking about.  The photo series was realistic in terms of showing how a person ages. We’re not always young, we’re certainly not all stick figures. We age, and society doesn’t necessarily focus on the beauty of older women.  However, even if the elderly are beautiful in their own way society doesn’t care about the elderly. Nor does society care about a woman’s self esteem.

I loved the fact she wanted to make women feel good about themselves, but even though they are so many successful women I’m inspired by, I think we will always be fascinated by projects like these because in some ways women are still powerless. We are powerless when it come to the (very few)  sales at Sephora and always trying to impress that guy we think “would never like a girl like me.” However, secretly hoping that maybe one day he notices you. We can’t help but feed into the obsession of buying products that will hopefully make you look good enough, so that certain somebody notices you. I believe in looking good for yourself, but I’d be lying if I said that I never have got dressed without thinking of whether the outfit I’m wearing might impress a certain somebody else. 

I’m a woman who believes in girl power and being the boss, but I am powerless when it comes to a sale at Sephora. 

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Written by mursal

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