Alternative Hip Hop Band OXYMORRONS Share New Single “Want it All”

The Queens-based hip-hop band Oxymorrons have just released “Want it All”, the newest single from their much anticipated upcoming album Complex But Basic. Oxymorrons have captured listeners’ attention with their constant genre-bending and energetic sound; “Want it All” is all this and more what with its infectious and dancey beats, edgy guitar riffs and slick vocal melodies. The band itself consists of K.I. and Deee, two Queens-bred brothers who aimed to set the New York scene ablaze with their eclectic artistry and originality.

They claim to not be “a rock group or a pop act [but instead] are the aftermath of a massive collision between inspiration and boundless creativity”. Oxymorrons caught their audiences’ attention earlier this year with their killer remix “808 Clap” which featured original verses from Travie Mccoy, TyBuddha, SABA and Khary Durgans. The group has been said to be “a blend of The Black Keys and Outkast” which can definitely be heard on “Want it All”, which as a song itself serves as an introduction to the album as a whole. Be sure to keep your ears up for the rest of the album which is set to be released later this year on Tommy Boy Entertainment (think Method Man, Ghostface Killah, etc). This new single certainly will not disappoint. 

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Written by ksevelka

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