FINALLY! Catch ‘EM All In Real Life With Pokemon Go

Trainer’s cap? Check. Bag that’s bigger on the inside? Got that. Mobile phone? Wait, what?

You read right. The next big step towards experiencing the Pokemon reality every 10 year old (and much, much older) have dreamed of will be happening sooner than you think – with Pokemon Go. An avid Pokemon Fan myself (and champion to be), I can’t be more excited. Just when we began to find this world quite lacking in terms of fun, The Pokemon Company has teamed up with Niantic to release an augmented reality Pokemon game powered by our phones. We’ll be able to capture and train them, and battle with friends. This will definitely be more challenging than simply collecting Pokemon on the video game – I can’t really think of a way to use cheat codes here. It looks like it’s time to step outside and start our own adventure. Don’t worry mom, I’ll come visit every now and then.

Pokemon gif

Although the app is only set for release sometime in 2016 (that’s still soon, right?), the world is already imagining and praising the possibilities for such a game. What will it be like once it hits the virtual shelves? Will it be as popular as the handheld games? What will the difficulty level be like? Will certain Pokemon be locked to certain regions? Will we have to travel the world to truly catch them all? In any case, I’m excited, and so is everyone else. We had a (poke) ball of a time scanning Google Maps for Pokemon on April Fool’s Day, two years ago. Even after finding them all, we wanted more. And soon, we’ll get just that.

While the app itself will be free to download and available for iPhone and Android users, Nintendo will also be putting together the Pokemon Go Plus, a wrist device that allows you to capture Pokemon without taking out your phone. Crazy!

Pokemon Go Plus

You can keep up to date with Pokemon Go’s progress on Gotta catch ’em all!

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