The Best Presidential Campaign Move? Paint with Donald Trump.

Real estate developer, television personality, business asshole and presidential candidate, we can’t get enough (or had way enough) of Donald Trump. The man who shamelessly said that Mexico “[is] not sending [America] their best” and compared Obamacare to the Nazi policy is still making headlines, as much as most of us would simply like him to shut the f* up. While it might take some time for that to happen, we can still poke fun at, or express our rage towards the mindless candidate by making artists of ourselves and using disembodied Trump heads to fuel that piece of creativity.

Donald Derp

Enter – this site is what many of our nightmares, and awkward fantasies are made of. With eight infamous Donald Trump expressions to choose from, one can go from zero art skills to some, painting fields, writing fun quotes, or putting together some abstract pieces. Things can, and will get weird pretty fast.

Check out some favorite Donald Trump masterpieces below, and don’t forget to make your own!

Donald Trump Snakes

Donald Trump Snakes

No Erection like a Trump Erection

No erection like a Trump erection!

Better than the poop emoji

Better than the poop emoji

Have a F* Trumpalicious Day!

Have a F* Trumpalicious day!

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