Willow Smith – Why Don’t You Cry (Official Video)

After whipping her hair back and forth and growing up, Will Smith‘s daughter, Willow Smith, is now arguing with her not-real parents and making up dance moves next to her brother and dj AcE, aka Trey Smith, in a video for her catchy song “Why Don’t You Cry.”

The story behind the clip was written by Willow herself, who is just fourteen years old, but directed by Mike Vargas and produced by i-D. The singer invites you in her world where she is just being her true self, which makes her more relatable than most pop stars nowadays. She’s all about showing her true emotions, asking several times “why don’t you cry?” And yes, why don’t we? Why is it so hard, or seen as weak to cry? The whole clip shows her philosophy, which is crazy to think that it all comes from a teenager.

Willow Smith

In a recent interview with i-D, Willow said that “if it wasn’t for [her] parents, [she] wouldn’t have learned that becoming still and traveling within is the only thing that really matters.” She continued, adding, “You can try and point the finger at everybody else as much as you want, but the only reason you’re feeling the way you’re feeling about something that somebody else is doing is because of the way that you’re perceiving it, and that has everything to do with your conditioning and the way you’ve been raised.”

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Written by magdaleina

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