About His Spring 2016 Collection: Is Kanye West Truly A Designer?

Kanye West surprised the world when announcing that the second line of his clothing brand Yeezy will be showcased during fashion week. His show was very different than the typical fashion show. With the help of Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft the show was choreographed in a military format. All the models including  sister-in-law Kylie Jenner were grouped based on their skin tone. This of course caught the media’s attention, but according to an interview with Vogue Kanye said, it was

“Just a painting, just using clothing as a canvas of proportion and colour” 

Not only that but according to an article from Refinery29, “his show was broadcast in 35 different movie theatres around the world.” The Kardashians were in attendance, as well as other celebrities like Drake, Tyga, Lorde, Seth Meyers, and Vogue editor Anna Wintour. 

I don’t know much about Kanye West’s music, but I’ve always admired his sense of style. We all know he has an interest in fashion, but so do many celebrities. Many celebrities nowadays “design” clothing.  However, not all of them actually know how to design clothing. It’s more like they work with a team of designers and they just give their input. After reviewing Kanye West’s collection from last fall and now looking at Kanye’s current collection, I’m wondering if is he truly the creator behind the clothing or is he just another celebrity saying they “designed,” a collection?

His spring 2016 ready-to- wear collection very much depicts his own style. The collection is very simple and trendy, but it’s nothing amazing. The line includes a mixture of oversized and skin tight jackets, sweaters, and pants. The clothing consists of colours like brown, beige,red, green, and some black. His clothing brand has a particular aesthetic, sophisticated but with some swag.  He does seem to have a vision when it comes to his collection and how the fashion show should be directed, but if he really was the designer behind this collection then I’m disappointed. Kanye West is not the type to hold back when he has something to say, but if clothing is a way to express oneself then Kanye West is holding back. The clothing didn’t scream a message to me, I couldn’t see the inspiration behind the collection.

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Written by mursal

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