Halsey Drops New Video For “New Americana” Anthem

Halsey (aka Ashley Nicolette Frangipane), the new considered pop star who doesn’t necessarily make pop music, just dropped the very-anticipated music video for her hit “New Americana.” The song, which is seen as an anthem describing today’s youth with unfortunately cheesy lyrics, is featured, along with her very first single “Ghost,” on her debut LP, Badlands which was released last month. 

Halsey, who just ditched her signature blue hair for some blond ambition style (wasup Maddie?), is found, in her newest clip, leading a “community” of outsiders. They are hidden underground as the rest of society supposedly rejects them. The 21 year-old artist is later arrested and brought to be burned publicly, but some mysterious person stops the execution by throwing a teargas grenade. Although the video seems a little too short and not very original, the imagery is very beautiful. Dark colours merge well with the mist and the mountains. The outsiders are ironically all dressed the same, all in black. However, it’s refreshing to see diverse races, not like Taylor Swift‘s “Wildest Dreams,” a video that was shot in Africa, but only showcases white people. The video ends with Halsey lying on the ground, all alone, with a different hair cut and white clothes. The introduction of the singer’s song “Drive” is played… Could this be the next single? If so, will the music video be a sequel to “New Americana”?

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Written by magdaleina

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