Listen To “feelssoreal” by Toronto’s Shft and Skeezer

Local Toronto Producer Shft just released a new banger in collaboration with skeezer titled “feelssoreal”. We previously posted his remix of Justin Timberlake. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Initially we we’re moved to try and make the original more of a club tune. Something kinda bmore, something kinda jersey, but with our own industrial flair to it. This is what we came up with. Grabbed the vibe, chopped up pieces we liked that worked to get that club feel out of it and just added our own elements from there. Both of our DnB and ravey backgrounds came out a bit again, as they do when we work together. Specifically that deep bassline that just rolls through the whole tune all the way to the 90’s feel of the stabs. We really just tried to keep the sexiness of the original intact while trying to make your girl shake her ass at the same time. #lifegoals

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Written by ixstaff

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