Death Grips Announce “Bottomless Pit” Album

One of my favorite bands of all time is Death Grips. Everyone knows that. So while news of them breaking up, numerous times now, has been heartbreaking, news of them making another album is alright by me. Following the release of Jenny Death, they’ve announced Bottomless Pit with a video of the actress Karen Black from 2013 – the year she died. Reading a script written by drummer Zach Hill, it’s mesmerizing and haunting as fuck. Death Grips hype train here I come.

The band writes:

“Iconic 70’s film star Karen Black passed away in August 2013. In February of that year, Karyn Rachtman introduced Ms. Black to Zach Hill. The two immediately hit it off. Zach had written a part for Karen for a film he was developing and gave her the pages for her scenes. Though she didn’t know how the scenes would fit into the final film, she readily agreed to read her character’s dialog on camera for Zach. 

Recorded — 2013 at the home of Karen Black

Special Thank You — Karyn Rachtman & Stephen Eckelberry

Karen Black footage courtesy of Stephen Eckelberry

In Cosmic Loving Memory
Karen Black
July 1, 1939 – August 8, 2013″

Watch the whole thing below. If you’re interested in a transcript, the Death Grips subreddit has the full thing here.

Death Grips Official Facebook | Youtube | Subreddit

Image Credit: chartattack

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