Canadian Couple Rents Their House On AirBnB And They Return To Find This


Why? Because I think AirBnB is one of the best things that could happen to travelers all over the freaking planet and I would never want to discourage any house owners from renting their house on the site. But unfortunately, there's some things you cannot unsee, like the mess in this video: 

The couple's neighbors texted and called several times before they finally got home with the police. The Canadian couple was probably looking like this…

How can some decent human beings do this to a place that is not even theirs. I mean, yeah, we know, you're travelling, you're having fun, lots of drugs, lots of alcohol but fuck, when you wake up the morning after (if ever you sleep that night), CLEAN THE PLACE UP ! Gosh! You had the chance to get a place to stay and do drugs for the weekend, the least you could do is clean up the fucking mess. I'm telling you young, wild and free travelers, if you were trying to find a place to stay in Canada, you're screwed. WE'RE ALL SCREWED. Owners are not too excited to rent their house on AirBnB anymore. But I can't blame it on the party animals who crashed the whole place down. I'll take the blame. It's my fault if the whole world could see that it might not be very safe to rent your place to strangers. Now the AirBnB rooms in Canada are endangered. I told you I hated having to write this article. So close this window and pretend like you never read this. 

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