Jenny McCarthy Still Doesn’t Know How Things Work: Is Mad That Charlie Sheen Didn’t Tell Her About His HIV

Hiding an HIV diagnosis from a sexual partner is an awful thing to do, and can be considered illegal. Hiding an HIV diagnosis from a coworker, on the other hand, is totally fine.  Unless you work in porn or in some needle-sharing emporium, you’re coworker can be left in the dark without consequence. Jenny McCarthy disagrees.

McCarthy criticized Sheen on her show Dirty, Sexy Funny on SiriusXM for not disclosing his HIV when she played his love interest on Two And  A Half Men.  I’ve never watched the show, because I like keeping my braincells, but I’m positive that they never had to have sex on the show. I’m sure it has its porn parodies (no, I will not Google it to find out), but she didn’t have to have sex with Sheen. 

McCarthy stated: “I was like, ‘Wait a second. If I have to be upfront about herpes, how could you not be upfront about HIV?’” Well McCarthy, because herpes can be contracted through contact. So, if your co-star is playing your love interest and likely has to kiss you on the lips, it would be not nice to give them herpes. HIV isn’t contracted from kissing. There is no safety concern for HIV in a TV sitcom, unless injecting used needles into your lover’s arms is now prime time humour.

Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy isn’t exactly known for preaching medical facts. She is a proud anti-vaxxer. Lately, she’s known as a huge public figure in the ridiculous and dangerous fight against vaccines, claiming they cause autism. It’s no surprise that she would have a peak1980s hysterical view of HIV.

After receiving backlash for perpetuating the HIV stigma and for lacking any medical training to support her statements, McCarthy defended her comments on her Twitter: “I am very aware that HIV is not spread through kissing, but I also believe that if an actress has to disclose all of her business before kissing a male costar, that actor should be required to disclose something a[s] major as an HIV infection too.” I don’t think this a feminist issue. His disease is not his coworkers’ business. She’s either pretending she isn’t completely ignorant of medicine (she is), or she’s admitting that she thinks that Sheen owes her some kind of apology for not telling everyone he has HIV before shaking their hand.

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What offends me the most about this is that Jenny McCarthy made me defend Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen is still a terrible person. Some people seem to think that his diagnosis made him have a mental breakdown, which explains why he’s been terrible for the past four years. No, Charlie Sheen has been a terrible person for a long time. Now he’s just a terrible person who happens to have HIV. However, Jenny McCarthy being a mouthpiece for the medically and socially bogus, has made me feel bad enough to come to his defense. What is this world coming to?


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