WATCH | Cartoon Desaparecidos Get Picked Off In “Golden Parachutes”

One of the biggest surprises this year was the revival of Conor Oberst's 2001 political punk band, Desaparecidoswith a new album and tour. Full disclosure, I'm an old Bright Eyes (Fevers And Mirrors #1, fuck y'all) and Desaparecidos fan, so I was pretty pumped about this news, but didn't really expect much from it. An even bigger surprise though was how good Payola was, and subsequently seeing them perform stuff off their EP Read Music/Speak Spanish, 13 years later, was amazing.

Fan boy circle jerk aside, they've released a cool little animated video for Golden Parachutes. Watch below as the band gets killed off one by one, while playing throughout periods of American political upheaval. Go listen to Payola afterwards. 

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Image Credit: stereogum

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Written by philreg

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