PREMIERE | Ragers – Tribes feat. Billy Eff (video)

Billy Eff has been part of the Montreal underground music scene and has been dabbling in music ever since he used to write for us back in the days. 

While he's been working on some new material with The Ragers, visiting LA this past summer, little did we know that he was also working on some solo material for his own EP titled Why i'm Not Where You Are which is due to drop this month. He hit us up to premiere the first single/video off this EP, which was shot in Inglewood shortly after recording it. The title of the track is "Tribes" and features Billy Eff dropping rhymes over a banger (watch above). Here's how describes his experience: 

'I had just gotten off the plane at LAX, I was absolutely wrecked. We get to our crib in Inglewood, where the rest of the guys in Ragers had been staying for little bit, and Jake immediately starts showing me beats. He showed me this one, and I knew right away that this was the one. The idea of me releasing a solo EP had been in the air for a while, but when we put out Ragers' ''Chapters'' in January, everything just kind of blew up and there wasn't really time to work on that. So I guess that's what this song was about. It was kind of my way of saying 'I'm back. I got caught up with the Ragers stuff, and the regular girlfriend, work, school and binge-drinking pattern, but I'm still here boolin', selling truffles for the low, and my crew still ain't one to fuck with''. I wrote the lyrics to it in probably like, 15 mins, 'cause it was that evident for me. 2 days later, we were filming the video, on a regular-ass camera, with stuff we found lying around in back alleys in Inglewood, and I think it came out great.'

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