10 Style Trends That Will Spill Over To 2016

We've put together the perfect list for feminine trends that were hot in 2015 and will spill over to the beginning of 2016. There were so many cool trends that we couldn't get over. Here are some of our fave picks tailored just for you: 

The 70's vibe

No doubt this fall we have seen an emergence of style trends from the seventies.  There has been an abundance of flare jeans, fringe, and maxi skirts in many of the fall 2015 fashion collections.  More denim has been popular this year.  Of course many bohemian patterns. 

Thick eyebrows 


For women everywhere having perfectly shaped eyebrows is very important.  Celebrities like former model Cara Delevigne and actress Lily Collins are known for their bushy and natural looking eyebrows. The over plucked and thin eyebrows are just not as attractive nowadays. Having thick eyebrows gives off a natural look and helps you look younger. 

Low pony tail 

So happy that the low ponytail became in style during this year because some girls just don't have the time to do their hair everyday.  So convenient on days when you're in a rush. This look was very popular on the runways this year as well. 

Plaid scarf

Fall fashion is my favourite. I love how scarves not only help keep you warm, but the plaid adds a pop of colour to a simple outfit. They are so many different ways you can style your scarf and use it as an accessory for your outfit.

The Pom Pom 


As the weather gets colder the winter wear is slowing coming out. In the past beanies have been popular, but recently I've been seeing many pom pom hats. Not only that but people are loving the furry pom pom key chains. Many people add those pom pom key chains on their purses giving them a different look. They sell them at many stores like Michael Kors, Mendocino, and Rudsak. 

Lace Up Deep V

Instead of the typical plunging neckline I've been seeing this lace up deep V neckline a lot more on tops or dresses.  It does look more interesting, your covering up your cleavage while still showing some. 


Spring is not only the season wear the flowers start to bloom but it's also shaving your legs season for us girls. Instead of contemplating an outfit grabbing a shirt dress is a good way to take advantage of the warmer weather. 

Head to Toe in White

I hate all the colours that come in style during spring and summer because I like to wear dark colours. Colours like black, maroon, and forest green are just more attractive to me.  However, I loved this all white outfit that was in style this spring. Any monochromatic looks chic and stylish. It looks modern and makes you look interesting. 

Denim on Denim 

The jean on jean trend is own of my favourite looks that was popular this summer. Wearing denim on denim gives off a monochrome effect. Usually one pairs a light coloured denim top with a darker shade of jeans or one wears black jeans and a blue denim top showing off some colour.

Boyfriend Jeans

Every girl owns a pair of skinny jeans, but boyfriend jeans became a popular item this summer. I saw many girls pairing a plain top with their jeans, a statement necklace, and their Chuck Taylors.  Even wearing the boyfriend jeans with a blazer or cardigan looks great as well. 

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Written by mursal

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