The Male Nose Piercing Epidemic: Yay or Nay

Scrolling through Tumblr or flipping through the pages of Nylon Magazine, one can notice a definite trend rising in male fashion: the Male Nose Piercing. What with the shift towards androgynous looks in much of the fashion world, the male nose piercing has been popping up more and more in the fashion industry, especially after you've noticed it. 

Despite this, there is a divide in opinions. Some girls swoon over the nose ring, some claim it makes men look feminine. Model-wise, many agencies prefer clean-cut looking models, while some embrace the tattooed/pierced look. Then there's the whole ring vs. stud debate, and I won't even start with septums. So what is the final verdict? Should the male nose ring stay or go?


RINGS. Personally I am a sucker for a good looking, well-dressed boy with a ring in his nose. When asked, I found that most women, and even men, felt that nose rings were much better than studs. Nick Wilson, a dancer from Toronto, told me that nose rings were his

"biggest turn on" and that "I prefer rings to studs but I'm so into them."

On the other side of the spectrum, Anneliese Feininger, a Montrealer, said,

"Rings over studs, but preferably none. They scream 'bisexual' to me." 



Then there is the question of the septum piercing. Vancouverite Dylan Shaw told me that,

"barely anyone can pull off a septum, but side rings look sick most of the time."

It is true that the septum piercing can often look extreme, but the beauty of this piercing is that you can usually flip it up into your nose. Well maybe this guy can't. 


Male nose rings have become a statement of fashion, instead of rebellion, like in the past. The public opinion on them varies from a strong yay to a definite no. I say YAY to male nose rings! I wish I was male so my nose ring could be a male nose ring! The fashion world is increasingly using models with piercings, but does this mean that they will become a norm in everyday life? If it means I get to look at more attractive boys with piercings, I'm all for it. 


What do you think?

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