Yung Lean’s Sad Boys Entertainment Started A New Style

Everyone and their mothers seem to be starting their own clothing lines nowadays. Not that we're complaining, but it seems a bit redundant and hard at times, because you have to look for stuff all over the place, which doesnt make any of the experiences easy to keep up with.

This is why we're excited about the new Sad Boys Entertainment clothing platform. Yung Lean and his posse are launching a brand new collective where you'll be able to find local Swedish and international brands alike and shop for clothing that suits you best. In addition to a new line of official garments and accessories available on SBE Gear, collaborations with various artists and creatives will be revealed throughout the year. 

The whole project is supposed to launch in February, but they did push a soft start with a brand called VISIBLE by o’D Möngke, a Mongolian born, Sweden based garment designer and close friend of SBE.

The first release is a unisex, oversized fit white shirt for any occasion, skillfully made from fine Italian fabric with a subtle black print. This piece is currently available for purchase now through

To stay in touch about future releases, follow SBE on Instagram and Facebook.


Main photo by Fredrik Andersson Andersson

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Written by samyhit

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