When Will It Stop? Top Ten Ways to Get Away With Rape

For the millionth time, a brave girl comes forward about her traumatizing rape at a university campus and the school administration thinks that it's “not a big deal,” and that they'll simply teach the assailant to not rape people next time. 

This happened to Tucker Reed who went to the University of Southern California officials after her ex-boyfriend raped her. The officials did nothing except tell her that although he wouldn't be punished, he would be educated. 

I'm hoping that by "education" they don't mean slipping this assailant Ohio University's "Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape." – There's a documentary put together by CNN titled "Hunting Ground" which you can stream on Netflix, a very eye-opening discourse on the culture of university campuses and rape culture. You can watch it here

Now, the USC is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights because their students continue to get sexually assaulted and there continues to be an apathetic approach to dealing with the rapists and the traumatized survivors. In one situation where the survivor chose to remain anonymous, a male forced intercourse on a female, but he didn't ejaculate. Apparently the USC staff has a disturbing motto: "If he doesn't come, it doesn't count."

"Because he stopped, it was not rape," she was told, according to the complaint. "Even though his penis penetrated your vagina, because he stopped, it was not a crime."

Rapists are being allowed to graduate and survivors are being allowed to suffer–all across the U.S.

I'm a college student in Canada. I've seen enough to tell you that this isn't just a States thing. I'm tired of shirtless bros posting rape memes on Facebook and then virtually high-fiving each other. I'm tired of people raping people and thinking that they didn't just rape a person.

Campuses have a responsibility to protect their students. As for the administrative staff of USC, who work in what's supposed to be an intellectually stimulating environment, they're pretty damn stupid.

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