Majestic Cloud Launches, Shares “Daybreak” By Electric Mantis

Before you started getting all your electronic music from soundcloud, you probably went to youtube behemoth Majestic Casual, and may still do. From future beats to low fi hip hop and everything between, they've been massive supporters of independent producers. They've now launched their Majestic Color branch, offering free downloads with no copyrights. 

"Majestic Color is our new series of free to use music — from creators for creators. You can use Majestic Color tracks for your YouTube videos without having to worry about copyright issues. We want to challenge today's status quo of the music industry who protect their property from "infringers". We in contrast believe that music should be accessible for everyone.

Why the name Majestic Color? Well, we believe in the variety of music, that listening to music should be something free of boundaries. Every color has its own unique voice. Just like every of the music pieces we release."

Their first release is from Electric Mantis and the inspiring Daybreak. Always impressing his listeners with each release, Daybreak is no different. Interdimensional waves of bass flutter throughout the syncopated synths. Pushing and pulling you in all at once, you won't know whether to lie back and relax or get up and groove as your brain begins melting. Listen below and grab a copy of Daybreak over here.

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Written by philreg

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