Toronto Art Collective Bedroomer Drops This Dope Hudson Alexander Release

Hudson Alexander is a Toronto-based musician/DJ who spent his formative years playing in various indie rock bands in his hometown of Winnipeg before shifting his focus to his solo work as a teenager. He began incorporating elements of electronic music into his songwriting and eventually taught himself to DJ while attending school for Audio Engineering. We're very excited to be showcasing the latest Bedroomer release with Hudson Alexander's You've Been Quiet/What's Between Us? EP. 

I made these tracks shortly after a very spontaneous move from Winnipeg to Toronto that didn’t really end up going to plan, but the excitement of being in a new place with so many more opportunities than I had at home made me very determined to do everything I could to stay. I put a lot of that energy into these tracks and when I listen to them they remind me that there’s always something to celebrate even when it feels like everything is going wrong, and that despite a rough year, I’m still in Toronto like I wanted to be.

Listen to You've Been Quiet/What's Between Us? right here: 

If you're in the Toronto area, they will be having a release party this Thursday March 17 at Toronto's Bambi.


artwork by Jennifer Ilett and @Lumtunes

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Written by nyounes

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