drwn. Shares Beat Tape “Eclipse/Companheira”

Drawing inspiration from the golden era of 90s hip hop, lo fi hip hop producer drwn. keeps his focus on simple but refined loops. Today the Swiss producer has released a two track beat tape through Toronto based label Exhume Music.

Opening track Eclipse kicks it off with some words from Biggie before dialing it way back and transporting you to a different time, so lay back and zone out to the calming smooth vibe and deep bass. For Companheira, while the focus is on the bass and complimentary snare, it carries a tense shimmer that just begs for someone to spit over it. I'm betting drwn. will receive some requests to do so.

Sit back and vibe out to drwn.'s latest offering and look out for more from this beat artist.

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Written by philreg

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