FUNCCBOII’s Internet Aesthetics Will Leave You Bumping His EP Over And Over Again

Landing on FUNCCBOII's music was quite interesting. From the first click to listening to the full thing on loop, it was just amazing to see my reaction go from "what the fuck is this?" to "wow, what is this?" –

Nic, the artist behind FUNCCBOII, remains a bit mysterious when it comes to his image. Utilizing internet-friendly aesthetics, simple as can be, keywords on a white background, may throw you off once you listen to the full project in itself. He freestyled each of his songs in a night, using electric bass and guitar, trap drums and 808s, and household items, (eg. hitting bottles and cans, crushing bags), producing a result that plays like an uber-raw trap/funk hybrid. The result is quite off-putting in a way where you question whether it was deliberate or not, because it's actually good. 

So often as musicians, we sit with our songs for so long, waiting for a better sound or mix or master, trying to get it just a liiiittle more polished, and it ends up being way too long before we get to put it out and let people hear it. I wanted to challenge this notion of 'waiting for the perfect time.' I'm tired of waiting!

We asked FUNCCBOII to make some artwork for us inspired by his EP and he devlivered. Watch the debut music video above, and scroll through his aesthetics below and listen to his full EP after the jump: 

Listen to FUNCCBOII's EP in full right here:

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Written by nyounes

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