Fog Lake Shares “Rattlesnake/Strung Back Around”

With an influx of new music hitting your various streams, it can sometimes be difficult to catch the rare stellar and captivating gem. Rattlesnake by Fog Lake was just that.

Written in the basement of a new house he had just moved into, St. John’s Fog Lake (Aaron Powell) draws inspiration from the habits that our demons grip us with; running along the edge of madness. Powell’s airy vocals carry a weight that builds with heavy and desperate lines, “but I keep riding with the ghost just to see if it’s true, if i’ll become their host, meet my maker.” But the lightweight bedroom pop atmosphere can almost make you forget these words as your heart sinks deeper into a body of water.

A demo version of Strung Back Around is also available to stream and continues the sad sickness of Rattlesnake without the pop momentum. It’ll also be on Fog Lake’s next album due for this fall, just in time for a season of downtempo sadsack music. 

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Written by philreg

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