Crew Collective Reimagine This Historical Montreal Building Into A Coffee Shop And Shared Space

What happens when you get the opportunity to revive a very old building and give it a new breath of life?

Once called the tallest building in Montreal, and headquarters for the Royal Bank for a little over a decade, the main hall of the Royal Bank Tower, at 360 Saint-Jacques Ouest has been abandoned since 2010, up until this year, where the Crew collective has taken over. All while preserving its original aesthetics, they decided to give purpose to the area by offering a new hub for shared space, a coffee shop with state-of-the-art technology surrounding the space to put it to good use. The Crew Collective & Café now open to the public, is a spot where creative individuals can meet people alike over a coffee and share ideas, or even create new projects. 

Before it's official launch, we got the chance to visit the spot while it was still under construction, with a personal tour by some of the staff members who visualized the spot for us. Describing every aspect and detailing what it would become once it was opened. Ever since its launch, the entire area of the main hall has been transformed to offer shared spaces, extra-fast (free) wifi, silence pods, and a space for the growing team of Crew Collective, who are also known to be behind projects such as Unsplash, the free stock photos service. 

We've grown a lot, and needed a new office to fit all of us. However, instead of doing the typical startup office, we're going to be opening a café open to the public […] Fifty-foot-high ceilings, 12,000 square feet of space, which, unless I'm mistaken, means it will be the biggest café in Montreal (and probably the prettiest, too). – Crew's Joseph MacNeil tells Montreal Eater

How it works is simple as can be: although it seems like the private desks are currently setup to be by invite-only, anyone can access the coffe shop area. The idea behind the project is to be creating a solid community of high quality creative individuals who share common interests and goals. Any Crew Collective member will be able to order their coffees right from their desk and get it delivered without having to move an inch. We call that state of the art coffee service. 

The Crew Collective & Café also includes private meeting areas, a special events space that you can book, a conference room as well as a collective space. 

Crew Café, 360 Saint-Jacques Ouest is open weekdays 8 am to 10 pm, and weekends from10 am to 8 pm.


All Photos courtesy of Unsplash

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