DJ Champion Talks To Us About His Inspiration For His New Album ‘Best Seller’

Canada's Champion just releasd his fourth self-produced album titled Best Seller

This is his first since the release of °1 back in 2013. His previous works were always collaborative, utilizing ear-catching vocalists on his tracks such as Betty Bonifassi and Pilou. On this new release, it’s now singer Lou Laurence’s turn to bring life to Champion’s music. The body of work also includes collaborations from Marie-Christine Depestre and Anna Frances Meyes who sings on "Boy Toy". The title of the album is a cheeky nod to the music industry's declining record sales. It also represents Champion's new direction in his career: to do things just for the hell of it and not to take himself too seriously. 

In honour of the release of Best Seller, we asked Champion to send us some of his inspirations for this album, and he delivered. Scroll through some of his best picks below, and listen to the album in full after the jump. 

Whitney Houston – I'm Every Woman

The doubling voice effect in the chorus was typical for those days. It was covered and sampled so many times, in different music styles and albums.
When I heard the song again last year, it made me want to use the vintage «effects» even more on my new album. 


Yes it’s a hip hop song but there’s a punk vibe that I like. Some great vocals while having a «fuck off» attitude with loud and dirty beats. 

Dj Champion – Tawoumga

To remind me of where I’m from.

Champion will hit the road this summer to perform at many Quebec festivals, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival on June 30th at Club Soda.

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