Allan Rayman Drops A Preview Of His New Single And Announces A Montreal Show

If you are unfamiliar with Allan Rayman, you should read this first.

When I discovered Allan Rayman it was like finding a goldmine and wanting to keep it all to myself, but also feeling the need to recommend it to anyone I talked to. His debut album Hotel Allan had just dropped as a free download on his website and I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that this was real life. I listened to each and every song on the album with a great attention to detail.

I came up with a theory behind his storyline. I obsessed over this theory and wrote about it extensively. There was absolutely no excuse for me to skip his 10-track masterpiece as I played it over and over again. I was just so surprised as to how it did not even make as much of an impact across the music blog platforms as it did to me and couple of other people.

Since then, Allan Rayman had played a couple of low key shows in the US and announced a show in Montreal on June 23rd at Petit Campus, which means I get to finally see him play live (and you too!) – Following up on his previous single release, he has dropped a preview of a new song on his official website which you can listen to right now, it's called "Faust Road" – 

You can listen to the new track and sign up to his mailing list on

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Written by nyounes

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