IX Podcast 24 : SIM L

SIM L is a force to be reckoned with. A young emerging producer and DJ based in Montreal, he caught our attention when we stumbled upon his soundcloud and featured one of his tracks on the blog. We asked him to put together a mix for our Podcast series and he delivered it to us in no time. If you need to pump up your week, or get ready for the weekend, this mix is for you. Hard-kicks and drums, with tons of wavy-bass style tracks that will keep you gyrating all the way through. Packed with tons of unreleased original tracks, he's put together this mix exclusively for us, which has a variety of genre-bending fusions that will keep you going for days on end.  

The 24th edition of the IX Podcast is now available via iTunesSoundcloud and Mixcloud. Tracklist after the jump!

IX: Who is SIM L ? 

SIM L is this guy from the Free Land that makes Club music

IX: When did you start spinning/producing music?

I started spinning music when I was 14, and got on making beats the same year.

IX: Did you have any musical background before getting into the DJ scene?

Well, I always had the musical ear. I took piano lessons when I was 7-ish, but hated the fact that I had to follow the rules instead of create stuff. Other than that, I don't really have a musical background per say, but I've been interested in any form of music.

IX: What artists have had an influence on what you do?

So many influenced me, but definitely my cousin Rooots. He taught me to DJ and to produce. Other than him, Biggie Smalls, Sinjin Hawke and Kid Antoine had a big influence on me.

IX: What is one of your most memorable moments in your career up to now?

One of my most memorable moments in my career was definitely my trip to Denver, CO. last summer. I had the chance to play at a huge nightclub, get studio time with the homies at the Stonk Music crew and to have a wonderful time.

IX: What is the big plan for the next year?

So any things coming for the next year. I got releases coming out on Prjkts, Classical Trax, One Eight Hundred, and many more. Other than that, the collective that I'm in, called Club Dorks, is doing more and more shows in the city. Also, catch me spinning at the Valhalla Sound Circus this summer with Rooots, In_The_Valley and the RAW Records family.


  1. Callosum & Vaphoree – Century 
  2. Goro – Original Nuttah Edit (Unreleased)
  3. Svani – Estoy Loco X-Lorna
  4. Kid Antoine – Bodypaint (Rose Geller B2GF Bootleg)
  5. SIM L – ??? (Unreleased)
  6. Gotti On Em – Golly Bashment INSTRUMENTAL
  8. Dial Boi – whorucuffin (Unreleased)
  9. Daniel Ness – Actavis (unreleased)
  10. Monophonique – Water Bounce
  11. Arma – Safari
  12. GRRL – Kick
  13. Soffos x Ca$h Bandicoot – Round 1: Tropicana
  14. Mr Carmack – Simpler (Tony Goods remix)
  15. Monophonique – Hypno Ha
  16. SIM L – File Displacement Pt.2 (Unreleased) 
  17. ilehl x Hoodbridge – Vintage Dreams
  18. SIM L – Conference Call (Unreleased)
  19. Callosum – Snapback(ft. V.Geels)
  20. Moke – COLLAPSAR
  21. JAVASCRIPT – Hottt (Unreleased)
  22. Pardon – Laugh
  23. SIM L – Hyperlink (Unreleased)
  24. Rose Geller – Strange (Unreleased)
  25. Pieces Of Juno – Valentine (Ida Dillan Remix)
  26. Imaabs – Densidad (Cero Lao Rework)
  27. Rooots – Make It Bounce (Unreleased)
  28. O.M.A.A.R – Mission Complete
  29. Kush Jones – Don’t Act Up (Unreleased)
  30. Drime X Joedan – Battle Rhymes (Dark)
  31. DJ Heroin – Qom Riyadh
  32. Vio_l3t – Guerrilla
  33. Sake – Kongo
  34. Last Japan – Ascend feat. AJ Tracey
  35. Impey – 4titude

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