Houston Avenue Bar & Grill Peel: Signature Dishes By Chef Mercuri

To appreciate Houston Avenue Bar & Grill’s food philosophy, one must understand how, in 2012, Joe Mercuri was brought on as Executive Chef, and completely reinvented the menu. Chef Mercuri believed that even within a restaurant chain, there must be a focus on providing the freshest of ingredients, cooked daily in-house.

We chose to open up our latest location on Peel Street, as we feel that the Golden Square Mile district is once again becoming a go-to eatery destination. We feel that our concept is the right fit for the demographic that works in the area during the week, both for lunch and for happy hour options, as well as a destination for the Golden Square Mile district dinner crowd, tourists, families, you name it! – Steve Imperioli, the Director of Marketing for Houston Canada 

At the opening, select few were invited in a private room on the second floor for degustations, where we were greeted through a Special Presentation with Joe reflective of his signature menus. We were able to taste-test-drive his signature dishes, including: 

·       Dumpling (chorizo, lobster, sambal)

·       Sticky chicken (beer-battered chicken, chili-lime glaze, arugula)

·       Asparagus (grilled asparagus, apple, fonduta, pancetta)

·       Crab (crab, avocado, lemon juice, lelon)

The seasonal selection was on-point, definitely an added feature to the franchise that is much needed to separate it from any other restaurant chain out there. Going to Houston Avenue Bar & Grill will definitely hit the palette of every single person in your entourage, from those who just want to enjoy good alcoholic cocktails, to those who wants to grub, and those who want to elevate their taste buds. 

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