Law Holt Releases New Video And Lists Us Her Best Pop Inspirations

It came to our attention that we should pay attention to Scotland artist Law Holt. She's well known for her work with Young Fathers, more notably this cover she did that mesmerized us.

We just couldn't get enough of her latest music video for her song "Love Drive Through" – which is a nu-wave pop sensation in our eyes and ears. Law transcends genres, time and sound. Loneliness, darkness and romance are themes she regularly explores. She describes her music as “Law themed” and she’s spot on – you can look, but there’s no one quite like Law.

We asked her to put together a list of her top 5 fiercest pop acts and she delivered. Scroll through the picks below: 

Kelis- Caught out there

This was exciting. Here’s this gorgeous mixed raced woman with her hair out and peacock plumage. Here she is telling a man to go fuck himself. I was only a kid when this came out, with zero experience. It was good to know that screaming at a man is right in the proper circumstances. This track comes off the appropriately named Kaleidoscope, she makes you hit Leicester market and rummage through the £1 clothes pile, ‘how I dress is, a re-flec-tion of me’

Erykah Badu- I want you

I was put onto Erykah Badu by the teacher of my teenaged singing class, Lornette Ford. She said, ‘you’ll like her, she’s natural’. As banal as youtube comments often are, I once saw a guy saying he’d be happy to listen to Ms Badu sing the alphabet. A fair point; she’s a master of inflection and subtlety. On the ‘Worldwide Underground’ album this tune, 'I Want You', is 10.53 long and I’ve spent hours of my life listening to it. This live performance has had me fascinated since uni, hear that high note! She’s seen God.

Lykki Li – Breaking it up

I spent a summer listening to the ‘Youth Novels’ album when I was clearing out my old flat. So many moods. If you want to do a serious wardrobe cull, blast this. Somehow it makes you ruthless.

Broadcast – Corporeal

Although sadly departed, Trish Keenan is infinitely modern. Her vocal harnesses sadness and honesty all at once. This band should be massive but we’re all still catching up. I admire the discipline of Broadcast. It would have been very easy to stick vocal harmonies all over this but they are a band of taste. Broadcast understood that electronic music needs to be more than just bleeps and glitches. ‘Do that to me’; its electric.

The Knife – Without you my life would be boring

Straight up, if you’ve got someone to sing this to then life is worth living. Play it loud. I wanna hear this on a sound system my flat couldn't possibly accommodate.




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Written by nyounes

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