Electro-Pop Artist Beauty Releases New Single And Lists Top 5 Pop Acts Of All Time

Electro-pop artist Beauty just released his single "Grown Up" and we can't get enough. 

The multi-talented Beauty (aka Mark Thompson) describes "Grown Up" as being inspired by a much needed conversation with his best friend – a bitter-sweet song about nostalgia and all the unwanted responsibilities of adult life. Flowing with Beauty’s impassioned vocals, glitchy beats and catchy melodies, "Grown Up" is a gritty slice of electro-pop influenced by the likes of Sia, Robyn and Sam Smith. Oozing twinkling, uptempo vibes alongside heartfelt emotive reflections.

Listen to Beauty's new single "Grown Up" right here: 

We asked Beauty to put together a list of the Top 5 Pop Acts of all time, and he delivered. Scroll through the picks below: 

Spice Girls

Growing up a 90’s kid, it was impossible to avoid the magnitude of the Spice Girls. You can’t deny their impact on pop culture. I remember running into a sweet shop after school (standard home time behaviour) and seeing their faces plastered on everything – cans of Pepsi, packets of crisps, Chupa Chups, deodorant! Girl power was in full force and I was one hundred percent a spice boy! The Spice Girls were also the first band I went to see in concert. I remember waking up on the morning of the concert and hearing on the news that Geri Halliwell, known as “Ginger Spice” and also my favourite member, had announced that she would be leaving the band. Fans all over the world were devastated! What I love about the Spice Girls is that they each had their own individual character and image that kids could relate to and pick and choose who they wanted to pretend to be. You would hear kids in the playground at playtime shouting “Dibs on being Scary Spice!’’, ‘’You can be Baby Spice’’ followed by a full out dance routine to “Spice Up Your Life”. The band also weren’t just relying on sex appeal to sell their records. They were about empowering young girls, taking the focus off the boys and shining a light on adventures with your best mates! Lets not forget that famous lyric “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends!”.

Shout out to Trixie Firecracker in the music video!


Pop royalty. The queen of reinvention. I admire Madonna’s determination to push the envelope, to challenge and not to shy away from controversy. She’s smart. She’s strong. She’s ballsy. She’s a tough cookie and I love it. 80’s Madonna songs make the perfect mood for a Sunday morning! Picture me in my underwear making pancakes and dancing around my kitchen to “Like a Prayer”, “Holiday” and “Into The Groove”. Pretty much in my element! I relate to Madonna in the sense that when she was younger she left her home town and moved to the big smoke alone, determined to surround herself with creatives and make something of herself. One of my favourite Madonna songs is “Hung Up”. It’s super catchy and drenched in disco with its sample of ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”. 

I swear I played it on repeat for a solid week when it was released!

Britney Spears

Britney is still to this day one of my main priorities in life! From the albino snake wearing performance of “Slave 4 U” to the pig tailed plaits and chest shimmying in the “Baby One More Time” video, she’s a pop legend. I’m a self confessed hardcore fan and I will stan for Britney until the end of time, as is the case for a lot of her fanbase. I love the fact that no matter what she does, she is always given a ‘Get out of Jail free’ card, just because she’s Britney! She’s the personification of the word ‘popstar’ and the choreography featured in her music videos were the main inspiration for me becoming a dancer. When a Britney song comes on at the club, I’m headed straight to the dance floor! Her signature vocal style and pronunciation are instantly recognisable. Fast forward to 2:49 for an example of classic Britney!

Lady Gaga

As well as her obvious talent for writing great pop songs, I’ve always appreciated her bold and expressive image. Her clothing choices are just as important to her as her lyrics in the effort to tell her story. I love a good visual and Lady Gaga never fails to impress in that area. She’s not afraid to go against the grain or to be viewed as ugly or uncomfortable for the sake of her performance art. I enjoy watching her perform as she’s so emotionally raw and generously vulnerable when she’s on stage. She’s full of passion and energy and fully committed to giving all of herself to the audience every single time. You can see that she has a strong and genuine connection with her fans. I really admire her for her efforts in supporting the LGBT community and for using her platform to inspire positive self esteem. For me, the final cherry on top is getting to watch her fantastic performance in American Horror Story!

Michael Jackson

Timeless, genius, trendsetter – Just some of the words that spring to mind when I think about Michael. One of the most talented entertainers that ever lived and rightly crowned ‘The King of Pop’. Not only did Michael Jackson transform the art of music videos, he paved the way for modern pop music. He raised the bar. His humanitarian contributions and passion for aiding children in need furthermore strengthen his legacy. I recently took a trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and had the opportunity to visit the spot where the music video for “They Don’t Care About Us” was shot. I met a local woman there up in the favelas who owned a small gift shop. She told me that she was in the video for the song and her face lit up with happiness as she told me how lovely Michael was. She played me the music video on her TV and we both smiled with excitement seeing her running up and hugging Michael on the screen. 

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Written by ixstaff

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