Toronto’s Mysterious PLAZA Offers Seductive R&B Bliss With His Debut EP

Toronto mysterious artist PLAZA has been on our radar for quite some time now. He makes some of the smoothest, most haunting, most completely vibe-filled tracks and we just can't get enough.

Not much has been revealed about the artist behind the music yet, but his sixth track "HOLD UP" marks the completion of the debut EP entitled 'ONE'. Listen to it here: 

PLAZA has already managed to build a buzz surrounding his release organically, which proves quite a lot of an independent artist in this day and age. His music revolves around smooth nu-r&b vibes with great vocal delivery and top-notch hooks that will keep you wanting more. 

The entire 6-track EP is linear and cohesive, offering everything you'd wish for and perfect for occasions such as a late night booty call or if your reminiscing about a loved one. His sultry vocals will seduce you and keep you hypnotized as you start drifting through your thoughts and gravitating towards another realm. If you want to hit it off with your twitter crush, link them to the EP and you'll for sure get a free pass to slide into the DMs.  

Check out the other five tracks here.

Get to know him a bit better here: 

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Written by nyounes

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