We Invited The Ryan Sullivan Show To La Poutine Week in Montreal

The latest edition of La Poutine Week garnered quite the success following the previous years. 

This celebration happens around the same time every year, where restaurants in Montreal take the time to reimagine the way they’d like to introduce (or reintroduce) the classic Poutine in their own way. 

Around 155 poutines throughout the province of Quebec were eaten and appreciated throughout participating restaurants who inspired the dish by their cuisine type. 

As Na’eem Adam, co-founder, explains –

“The popularity and consistent growth behind La Poutine Week also stems from the fact that is more than just a food festival. We have technically become the best and only platform out there that provides foodies with an opportunity to seek out the very best poutines that their city has to offer. We are a real and deciding factor in finding the best poutines in our province.”

I was invited to test out 3 out of all of these poutines with my fellow collaborators Ryan Sullivan for his online web series. We visited Birona Hummus Bar, Le P’tit Creux and and had a tastebud blast trying them out one after the other. 

You can watch the video above to get a glimpse of our overall experience. 

We got the chance to taste Le P’tit Creux’s poutine, which one the title for “The Most Original Poutine” due to the originality of including plantains instead of french fries. 

Although most of these restaurants do not keep these specialty poutines on their menu past this foodie festival, you can still try to go in and ask for it and see what they say.

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