Festival d’été Shook Québec City’s Streets For it’s 50th Year Celebration: Flume, Jazz Cartier, Migos, Fetty Wap + More

Set in the picturesque streets of old Québec City, Festival d'été took over the downtown core for it's 50th year in a row. With well over 80K+ people in attendance on any given day over the 11 day span set across multiple venues with upwards to 150K passes sold, #feq50 resurected the largest man-made stage to host some of the greatest musical acts of our generation, and decades before us. Talent like The Who, Kendrick Lamar, Gorillaz, DJ Shadow, Danny Brown and Anderson .Paak just scratch the surface. We headed down last week to catch a few days of the action, explore the city and relish in the musical bliss of some of our favorite artists. One things for sure, Québec knows how to TURN UP!


Fast forward to 8PM, we're waiting for Jazz Cartier to hit the stage, joined by over 10K fans wilding out in anticipation. As usual, Jazz's stage presence serged through the crowd as he dropped hit after hit from "Roses" to "Dead or Alive", climbing over fences and speakers, the crowd was so mesmerized by the flurry of Jacuzzi La Fleur that the concrete literally cracked center front stage as his set wrapped up and things came to a stand still. Security guards were pulling people out of the crowd left right and center and suddenly, a huge crew dispersed into the jam-packed venue with whatever was available to repair the damage.

Moments before DJ Durel brought out the Atlantic trio, the guards emerged and the crowd cheered on.  At this point, the stage was literally SHAKING – the speakers BOUNCING up and down as Quavo, Offset and Takeoff entered the spotlight. The crowd went beserk as Migos ran through hits like "Hannah Montana" and "Bad and Boujee". Clouds of smoke floated overhead as we danced along to the fiery set. All in all, the night concluded with me eating one of the best poutines I've ever had. Pure magic.  


What was exciting about Day 2, was what we'd heard about the turn out at Abraham Fields. Not only is the Bell Stage the largest temporary stage in Canada, the fields can hold up to 80K people so you can only imagine the energy vibing through out the entire venue. When DVBBS was rolling through his set, between the blasts of fire, confetti and lazer beams, it was absolute bananas watching thousands of people loosing their minds in the best way you can at a music festival… IN DANCE! Sure, DVBBS tapers on the mainstream, but what he's cultivated in his fan base is undeniable. He was the perfect opener to get the crowd pumped up before RemyBoyz hit the stage.

As the sunset, and the venue neared it's capacity, Fetty Wap and Monty emerged through clouds of smoke and flashing lights. From "Trap Queen" to "1738", Fetty had the crowd captivated and singing along. As the smoke cleared and the set came to and end, the mass was buzzing in anticipation of Flume's set. Suddenly, a glowing Skin visual panned across the stage, dropping to reveal the Australian producer. The visual elements were striking, and Flume carried us through hits like "Big Poppa is Sleepless" and "Never Be Like You" in a magically eray of auditory and visual stimuli. 

Check out our photo highlights below:






All in all, Festival d'été was like a dream. Imbeccable organization, well serviced crowds, and killer sounds… We can't wait to go back next year. C'EST LA VIE! <3 


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Written by k.jennings

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