Montreal Visual Artist Matt Grimard Releases Short Experimental Film: “Fleurs: Between Us Two”

Nobody else can capture a moment this good. 

We first caught wind of Matt Grimard's work when I first laid eyes on his project called "GOMME" – This Montreal-based visual artist is so good at capturing a moment within a second, utilizing movement and lighting to immortalize it through video.

His latest project is an experimental short titled "Fleurs: Between Us Two" – following the story of a relationship that ends abruptly, captured through moments of the past and narrated in the present, like a love letter your loved one left you after moving on. Written and directed by Matt Grimard,  the short film features fellow Montrealers Étienne Correia and Ariane Trépanier as the main subjects. 

The days that break you are the days that make you. 
The past they bring up, they won’t build from it.

He utilizes the same style of process found in his previous work, which he has managed to elevate into a storyline that will capture your hearts and inspire you in many ways.

His work needs no introduction really, so click play and indulge in it below. 

Music by Dan Shure (Everything I Am – Kanye West, piano cover) 
Written and directed by Matt Grimard
Cinematography: Ariel Methot
Editing: Mathieu Grimard
Graphic Design: Harrison Fun
Stylist: Ariane Sylvain
Set Design: Stéphanie L'Allier and Yola Van Leeuwenkamp and Mari Pasquette
Makeup: Tania Guarnaccia
Sound Design: François Bélanger @ Apollo Studio
A.C.: Véronique Dagenais
Set Photography: Samuel Boisvert
Crew: Pierre-Luc Bouchard, Alix Lepage
Produced by: Asmir Pervanic and Mathieu Grimard

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