This Season’s Biggest Street Style Trends (And Problems)

A lot is wrong with fashion month street style; first, there's the issue of too many photographers outside the shows, which has only gotten worse. Then, there's the #NoFreePhotos movement which began last September – an attempt by photographers to call attention to the lack of compensation they get from brands and influencers who use their images. That hasn't much improved, either. 

After New York Fashion Week Fall '18, Lindsay Peoples from The Cut published an essay titled "Street Style Is Killing Itself With Its Narrow Focus on Thin White Women." In it, she (accurately) argues that there was a serious lack of diversity in street style photography because of the pressure to photograph the outfits of influencers, most of whom tend to be white, skinny women. "In our own street-style photos from New York, out of almost 300 pictures, I counted only 29 of non-white men and women," she wrote. 

So I picked my favorite outfits from the photos I took in New York and said "fuck it" to mainly featuring influencers. The most popular trends – like rainbow puffers, transparent accessories and "creative suiting" – were worn by everyone anyway, regardless of the number of followers they have. Because you shouldn't need to be sponsored by Gucci to be considered stylish. 

Collages by Delphine Lewis

HOW SUITING: Creative suiting is the biggest thing in fashion since Balenciaga's Pantashoe – most added subtle pops of color with accessories or layered with hoodies. 

MEAN GREEN: Veganism is in and so is dressing like kale. These outfits are cute and they'll remind you to eat your greens.

FLAIR BEARS: We could have hugged everyone in these snuggly animal-inspired coats. 

GOLDEN HOURS: So what if the world is ending and everything is terrible? Sprinkle on a little yellow to (try to) lift your spirits. 

PUFF MAMI: Puffers are everywhere and we aren't mad – who could hate something so cozy? They also exist in every color of the rainbow – like Fruity Pebbles, but people. 

BLOODSHOT: Red monochrome outfits, statement shoes, and tiny sunglasses were everywhere this season. A pinch of Supreme X Louis Vuitton never hurt anybody, either. 

SEE THROUGH SOUL: These transparent accessories and jackets will make an honest person out of you. 



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Written by savannahs


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