What Is eSports? It Stands For Electronic Sports

It might come as a surprise to some but the first ever organized video game tournament actually took place well over 40 years ago, and this very first tournament was the start of a trend that has, today, created a billion-dollar industry.

Now, eSports (electronic sports) is a massive industry with a popular scene that has developed within the gaming community, and for the time being there appear to be no end to that popularity or the expansion of eSports with professional teams and players from about the globe competing in leagues and tournaments.

eSports and iGaming are becoming very popular. Mobile gaming & mobile slots have seen exponential growth over the last decade due to the innovation of smartphones.

These leagues and tournaments can offer prize pools that are worth millions of dollars, and these competitions also attract huge audience with thousands of people attending to watch the competitions live, and many other watching them online.

Not only is interest increasing from those that play and watch the games but betting on the video games is also extremely popular, and the global eSports betting market is estimated to be worth almost $30 billion by 2020.

Anyone that has ever played a video game will tell you that gaming is always competitive as everyone plays to win even if they are just having fun, eSports is something different as we are not talking about a group of friends competing against each other to earn bragging rights.

Playing professionally is something very different in much the same way as having a kick about with friends to playing in the Premier League. Traditional sports and eSports are obviously very different but there are also some similarities as fans enjoy watching their teams and players in action.

Even with all the money generated by eSports and the massive audiences it attracts there are still those that find it hard to believe that professional video gaming is for real, and although there is this surprise eSports are here to stay although it is not known whether it will ever be as popular as regular sports.

One thing that is a plus point for eSports is the range of games on offer and the fact that you can watch a competition almost daily with The international Dota 2 Championships and the League of Legends World Championship being the most important comps with prize pools of $20,770,460 (2016) and $6,700,000 respectively.

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