WATCH | Toronto’s Price & Takis Ditch Remixes For Their Latest Single “Haunted”

Toronto-based hip-hop/EDM duo Price & Takis decided to take a different approach that made more sense for who they've always been in terms of artists.

After spending the past two years touring the EDM festival circuit creating remixes and building up buzz around their craft, Price & Takis have evolved their sound with deeper hip-hop influences and Price is now contributing vocals, bringing the entire project to another level. Their latest single "Haunted" got the visual treatment, and we can see why this makes more sense than just creating remixes and producing in the studio. 

“This is our first song with Price on vocals and the first song I wrote lyrics to. This song is us; every word comes from real moments. We wanted to show the world that we’re not just remix DJs – we’re artists. You can put us in a room with a Macbook and a mic and we’ll make a song with a story that’s authentically us. ‘Haunted’ is as honest as we can be.” 

Watch the video for "Haunted" above. 

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Written by ixstaff


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